Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Really?! Rent out your car bumper space to earn money !

I really saw this guy advertising the new website and business plan of renting out car bumper space to earn money!
It is an innovative idea and considering the number of cars on the roads, it is a ready source of advertising real estate space on cars. The idea is probably the same as the adverts in front of urinals where men stand and are forced to look in front.

However, there are some doubts on how it will actually work.
(1) The website states that you bid, drive and then earn. So does that mean that only if your car is a certain make then they will ask you to advertise?
(2) So let's say you win the bid, how can the company ensure that you will continue to have the car decal on your car for say a month or so? How to police that ?
(3) How about the distance that is driven? What if the owner does not meet the minimum distance?
(4) For taxis it is quite clear they have the incentive to be on the roads continuously to earn a living so the adverts on the taxis will be seen.

In any case, it will be interesting when the website actually starts up in May 2013 !

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