Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Lighter side of things : Anti-Govt websites setting up Columbarium for MIW political careers

In the recent dialogue session involving Seng Kang West resident Sharon Toh, it was revealed by  Lifecorp that they were not registered with any religious association or charity. They were a For-Profit organization which is public listed in Australia that was going to develop, build and operate a Buddhist Temple with Columbarium.

After this astonishing news went viral on the Internet, our BOT's reporters went to town to ask if any other commercial entities were planning to develop, build an operate other religious establishments.

First to respond to our enquiries were DeBloodSucking Bank, their spokesperson, Ms Lui Pa Pa commented, "We are equally shocked and surprised that For-Profit organizations could set up religious establishments to make money. We are disappointed that despite being closely linked to the MIW, we were not informed of such a lucrative and profitable business. With our wealth of knowledge in sucking blood, I mean money from Singaporeans, we will definitely be successful in such endeavors. We are immediately convening a taskforce to study and identify areas of opportunities to move into the religious arena."

Mr Tau Lor Ri, owner of a large transport company was also excited about the prospects, "I think we have the right infrastructure and vehicles to support such services. It really brings new meaning to the phrase Up-The-Lorry."

Less enthusiastic were the incumbent religious organizations, Mr Not-to-Be-Name lamented, "After the NKF Durai, Ren Ci Ming Yi, and CHC cases, the religious and charity industry has already a bad name and Singaporeans are skeptical and hesitant on donating or participating. Now we even have competition from For-Profit organizations. The real people in need will be the ones who will suffer."

The latest news is that Anti-Govt websites are also gathering to talk about a potential plan to set up a Columbarium near Parliament House, spokesperson Mr Jin Wu Ta, "With the continued tripping up by MIW MPs, I think we have space for 81 places in our Columbarium for their political careers."

Friday, 10 October 2014

Friday, 1 August 2014

Both Singapore & Malaysian Govts screw their citizens - Causeway Toll Hike

Both ruling parties of the Singapore and Malaysia Governments made their citizen's lives even more miserable with the latest Causeway Toll Hikes. Tolls for a round trip into and out of JB is now 556% higher!

Lessons to be learnt

(1) Trust No Govt - Especially BN and PAP. They will only have their self interest at heart and not yours.

(2) Remember all the times that they screwed you over and exercise your vote wisely.

(3) Never fall into their trap of over selling to you. Case in point Iskandar residential homes.
Are you going to travel to work in Singapore from JB every day? Assuming a 20 days working month, that amounts to S$ 256 added to your travel cost and time. Good luck to those who bought into the nightmare.

(4) These toll hikes are poorly thought out and will just hurt businesses and trade. Your food, raw material imports are going to be more expensive as traders claim that they need to recover their costs.

(5) What can you do? Don't keep quiet, make sure you express your displeasure (legally). Silence only makes them more bold.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Employees that stay in companies longer than 2 years get paid 50% less!!!


Employees that stay in companies longer than 2 years get paid 50% less!!!


Key Takeaways from the article :

(1) Within 10 years of working, your salary will be 50% less.
(2) If your annual increment is less than 5%, time to look around.
(3) Own your own career, you are the CEO of yourself.

Friday, 23 May 2014

A Picture tells a thousand words - Singapore The Costliest City in the World !

A Picture tells a thousand words - Singapore The Costliest City in the World !

The noise is resounding 98.4%, yet the government ministers still insist that Singapore is not expensive. They still have their heads stuck in the ground like ostriches.

I wonder who the 232 people who said No are ?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Petition calling PM Lee to resign from office launched

Petition calling PM Lee to resign from office launched

Petition : Singapore_Prime_Minister_Lee_Resign_from_Office/

Let me weight in on what cause this petition to arise. PM Lee said that Singapore belongs to everyone staying here in Singapore including Foreigners on work permit passes. It may be a slip of the tongue or an intentional way of pacifying the foreigners who have bore the brunt of anti-foreigner sentiment in Singapore.

I doubt that the speech writers for PM Lee would have made such an insensitive boo-boo in the midst of so much dissatisfaction. So I discount the possibility of it being a slip of tongue, especially since the phrase was crafted with much thought behind it “Singaporeans, new arrivals, people who are on permanent residence here, people who are on employment pass here, (are) all participating in one big Singapore family … So that we feel that this is a place which is special, which belongs to all of us and where we all celebrate one another’s festivals and happy events together.” If that is the case, it is extremely disturbing on what it implies and that the statement was deliberate. It means that so long as you are physically here in Singapore, regardless of what ever contributions, service, family roots, etc, you own a piece of Singapore's land, resources and wealth. Is PM Lee so desperate to welcome any and everyone to Singapore? Are all the talk about nation building and national service just hog-wash?

The petition is unlikely to change anything, but at least it will highlight the displeasure and frustrations of all Singaporeans on such thoughtless remarks from our so-called leader. So I urge all who are unhappy with his statement to sign the petition. The alternative of keeping quiet and letting everything slip-by was the mistake Singaporeans have made for too long a time.



Sunday, 20 April 2014

Terrible mid-term report card for the A-grade pay PAP Government

Terrible mid-term report card for the A-grade pay PAP Government
In the Straits Times Insight Section of 19 April 2014, the newspaper published their results of a survey done of 500 Singaporeans. It would be interesting to ask who these 500 Singaporeans were. And assuming by association that they would try to interview grassroots or governmental-affiliated people, the results are even more disastrous. (note in point, the CNA telecast of conversation with PM LEE where they discovered majorty of the participants were from grassroots organizations.) (http://youarebetteroffted.blogspot.sg/2012/09/singapore-con-version-2012-proof.html) As usual, the newspaper being a mouth piece of the Government did their best to water-down the impact and tried to state that several changes needed more time to be effective. Unfortunately, it does not hide the fact that the mid-term report card was terrible. For a country obsessed with grades, I have taken the liberty of translating the survey results.

(1) Health Care and the elderly, survey results “B”, actual “C”

The Government started a charm offensive with the Pioneer Generation Package and Medishield Life to defray health costs and focus on the people older than 65 years olds who has been Singaporeans since 1986. (note : the second criteria was after Singaporeans feedback that there needs to be numbers of years, reflecting the concerns of free given citizenships by the government to foreigners over the years.) I would have to give credit to the Government in their better PR efforts to gain political leverage by publicizing the PGP and Medishield Life. It seemed to make an impact on the survey results. It will help all families with elderly members better manage health care costs and concerns, especially the well-established phrase “It is better and cheaper to die in Singapore, than to get sick and undergo costly treatments in Singapore Hospitals to die all the same.”
However, let’s be pragmatic, did the Government suddenly realized that the silver hair Tsunami was coming ? No, it was well known after they changed the birth rate policy to correct the future lopsided demographics. Then why this package now? In one simple word, Votes. The Pioneer Generation, those above 65 years of age, were known to be staunchly PAP supporters, having gone through the nation-building efforts together and the majority have seen significant improvements to their own and children lives. So it must have been an amazing vote swing in the 2011 elections that have displayed the unhappiness of this Generation to the missteps in housing, transport, foreign workers policy that they see affecting themselves and their off-springs.  Unfortunately for the PAP, trust once lost will take much more than a PGP to regain back. In 2011, the younger generation influenced the votes of the pioneer generation, in 2016, the grandchildren generation will greatly influence the votes.

(2) Housing, survey results “B+”, actual “B-“

The intense increase in BTO HDB flats and seven rounds of cooling measures have served the government well. COVs and the waiting time for newly wedded couples have come down dramatically. Also PRs cannot buy HDB flats until they waited three years. This is reflected in the survey. But still bear in mind that Singapore property prices are still one of the highest in the world and the ratio of salary to housing prices still remain at unsustainable levels. Worst still foreigner ownership of non-landed private property are still continues unabated and welcomed by the Government.
(3) Transport, survey results “D-”, actual “F”

Of all the sections, Transportation fared the worst, this affects everyone everyday when they go to school, work, shopping, etc. All the promised improvement of more trains, more maintenance, more buses have not translated to a more comfortable ride. Now 3 years after the 2011 elections, we still read about regular breakdowns on the MRT and terrible long bus waits. And despite all these, they had the audacity to raise the fare rates. Car prices and COEs are at ridiculous prices and yet we see the rich foreigners flaunting their money by driving Maserati, Ferraris and Porsches on the congested Singapore roads. Attempts to correct COE prices, by insisting on a higher downpayment and tweaking the category did nothing to improve the situation, only re-emphasizing the helplessness of middle-class Singaporeans. I doubt these issues will be solved satisfactorily before the next election and the Transport Minister will just be replaced again having walked off with a handsome multi-million salary.

(4) Foreign Workers, survey results “C“, actual “D-”  

The survey claims that foreign workers policy was not on the high priority of Singaporeans, I think they have got it wrong. Cases such as Anton Casey (
http://youarebetteroffted.blogspot.sg/2014/01/why-singaporeans-need-to-revoke-antons.html) and the recent Philippines Day Celebration show that the issue of foreigners in Singapore is still very much in the forefront. The people Singaporeans interact with everyday are very much in their face. When you have trouble communicating with the service waitress or when every nurse has a foreign accent, it is a stark reminder how Singapore has changed due to the ineptness of this Government. We need foreigners in many sectors of our industries, but what are the right amount and the right integration timeframe so as not to erode our Singapore core?  Is the Government going to correctly revise the Population White Paper for the next elections? What is the acceptable timeframe for a PR to decide to convert to Singapore Citizenship? These are unanswered questions that should been addressed.


Some of the sectors seemed to be at acceptable grades, however, these need to be put into perspective to the salary grade of our government. Our first Prime Minister claims that in order to get the A-team in Singapore to run the country you need to pay them A-grade salaries, even more than any country in the world. I think Singaporeans have been seriously shortchanged. If Singapore was a private company and this was the mid-term report of the Executive Team, the Board of Directors and Shareholders would already have asked them to resign. Unfortunately for Singaporeans, we do not have a ready alternative in place, so we grit our teeth & put up with a less than desirable team. It is Singaporeans’ imperative to build up a credible alternative that would be able to function and deliver like the A-grade team we deserve.