Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Alternative career choices and saying good bye to the rat race

Here is a lady who has turned her passion into a viable alternative career choice. 

Now she has even published a book ! 

What is your option to get out of the rat race and soulless corporations ? 

Friday, 15 January 2016

Friday, 28 August 2015

Singapore's Disgusting, Vile and Despicable Main Stream Media (MSM)

Most people by now have heard the news that there were allegations that Workers’ Party candidate Dr Daniel Goh had had an affair with a former student. The letter, sent to newsrooms as well as the Workers’ Party, was signed off by a “Max Chan” and also alleged that the former student’s boyfriend had found out about the affair.

But before even verifying the letter and asking or digging for evidence, the main stream media ("MSM") decided to publish the story just based on a flimsy, poorly researched letter. Contrast this to the 2012 Michael Palmer case where by TNP (The New Paper) tabloid presented with SMS evidence went to check for more information and tipped off the government ! The SMSes were received on Saturday but they only waited till PAP called the press conference on Wednesday! TOTAL of FIVE FREAKING DAYS !

This is not the first time that the MSM has been blatantly shown to show favoritism and a total disrespect to good journalism. In 2013, Nicole Seah was accused of having an affair with a married man based on a photo of them together in a facebook post! No evidence, no proof, no research, only a photo taken together. Why don't the MSM take a photo of a girl with PM Lee at a public event, and accuse her of having an affair with him?! I am sure that will sell newspapers!

My ultimate disgust with the MSM are reporters that they compromise their scruples just for the sake of publishing news. I have had a real life experience before when the reporters hover around funeral wakes hoping to catch a loose tongue relative who will divulge some information that they can sensationalize their story. 
Sure, I understand that journalists have to make a living too and many are just bound by their masters to do their bidding, but at least have a conscience and a brain. Go write for a foreign international paper instead of rotting your brain and talent with the Singapore MSM. 

For many years, I have unsubscribed to the MSM (The government's propaganda machine), because the only use of their newspapers are for wrapping dog excrement. Using them as toilet paper would be too much of an honor. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Empower yourself ! Determine your future !

Just remember this, 
when it was time to decide Singaporeans' Future, 
despite all the debate and arguments, 
NONE of the MIW MPs voted against the
Anti-Singaporean White Paper 2013 

Friday, 7 August 2015

Elections 2015 : PAP vs the next best alternative

I have been reading with amusement about the two-session opposition unity meetings to avoid multi- cornered fights in certain electoral wards. It is really quite disgusting that the various parties are craving out Singapore into their own fiefdoms. Who asked you to contest in Ang Mo Kio GRC vs another party? Did you ever ask the residents ?

The true election process is a contest for who can best represent you,the resident, in the ward rather than horse trading. No doubt the oppositions' resources are limited and they have to conserve their moo lah.
But who is to say that NSP or RP or SDP is the best alternative voice for the resident vs the PAP?

Even if it was a ward with five or six parties contesting, the true contest is between PAP vs the next best opposition candidate. Singaporeans are not dumb, look at the multi-contest in Puggol East, Kenneth RP and Desmond SDA were just side-show clowns who lost their $16,000 to the government  coffers.

If you cannot stand the heat, stay out of the fire.
Similarly if you don't have the moo lah, don't stand for elections.
Singaporeans are a lot smarter than some of our dumb and glory-seeking politicians.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

1MDB vs 1MRT

Don’t know where the $ go
Don’t know if the trains can go
Pay PM millions of $
Pay CEO millions of $
Supposedly World Class Investment Company
Supposedly World Class Transport System
Invested in Property and Power Plants
Invested in Property Rentals and not on Power infrastructure

Friday, 19 June 2015

Malaysia "Tak Boleh" Mess ! Iskandar, 1MDB, High Speed Rail ! Never invest in Malaysia !

Investing in Malaysia ?! NEVER!
It is just a mess in the country! The only thing that is useful is the drop in Ringgit towards S$ 1: RM 3. More buying power!



- Where only the elites and royals make Money by selling land to Chinese Developers
- Indiscriminate building without a clear understanding of supply and demand
- Increase of tolls that make staying and commuting between Singapore and Malaysia just uneconomical.


- Local Malaysian Jho Low working with foreigners to siphon out the country's money
- PM has no clue on what is happening and still insisting that everyone must support him.

High Speed Rail


- Delayed from 2020 to 2025.
- The latest fiasco is that they want to move the end terminus from Jurong East to Johor
- Jurong East property prices dependent on whether the HSR ends there.

So many Singaporeans in the past have been burnt by Malaysia's Property Market and CLOB shares issues in the past. But there is always a fresh set of gullible people willing to believe the fools' gold at the end of the causeway.