Friday, 19 June 2015

Malaysia "Tak Boleh" Mess ! Iskandar, 1MDB, High Speed Rail ! Never invest in Malaysia !

Investing in Malaysia ?! NEVER!
It is just a mess in the country! The only thing that is useful is the drop in Ringgit towards S$ 1: RM 3. More buying power!


- Where only the elites and royals make Money by selling land to Chinese Developers
- Indiscriminate building without a clear understanding of supply and demand
- Increase of tolls that make staying and commuting between Singapore and Malaysia just uneconomical.


- Local Malaysian Jho Low working with foreigners to siphon out the country's money
- PM has no clue on what is happening and still insisting that everyone must support him.

High Speed Rail

- Delayed from 2020 to 2025.
- The latest fiasco is that they want to move the end terminus from Jurong East to Johor
- Jurong East property prices dependent on whether the HSR ends there.

So many Singaporeans in the past have been burnt by Malaysia's Property Market and CLOB shares issues in the past. But there is always a fresh set of gullible people willing to believe the fools' gold at the end of the causeway.