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Better Off Ted focuses on the corporate-optimist, Ted Crisp (Jay Harrington),

a single father and the well-respected and beloved head of a research and development department at the fictional, soulless conglomerate of Veridian Dynamics. Ted dictates the series' events by regularly breaking the fourth wall and directly addressing the audience as he serves as the show's on-camera narrator. Alongside Ted is his supervisor Veronica Palmer (Portia de Rossi), [And by the way!!! The 37-year-old, who is now happily married to wife Ellen DeGeneres!!!]

co-worker and love interest Linda Zworling (Andrea Anders),
his daughter Rose (Isabella Acres), and the two laboratory scientists Phillip Myman (Jonathan Slavin) and Lem Hewitt (Malcolm Barrett). His daughter Rose is the down-to-earth realist who has a conscience compared to the deluded employees of Veridian Dynamics. 

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Video - Life Better...

Life Better

Video - Welcome to Veridian Dynamics!

Welcome to Veridian Dynamics

Video Clip - Join Veridian Dynamics

Join Veridian Dynamics

Better Off Ted - Intro

Better Off Ted is an American situation comedy, which premiered March 18, 2009 on ABC.

I caught one episode of this when I was travelling overseas for business. And ever since, I have been hooked on it. It is like a hybrid between "the Office" and "Dilbert". It deals with a company called Veridian Dynamics, a USA-Based MNC that is on the cutting edge of technology with exploding pumpkins and oct-chickens (chickens with eight legs). It is funny at the same time sad, as it shows the dysfunctional side of large companies which is uncannily true. Catch some of the clips and quotes that I will post shortly and you will see.