Monday, 28 May 2012

Spot the Diff betw - ST and Today's Front Pages !!!

Spot the Difference in Front Page News between Today and The Straits Times, dated 28 May 2012.
I suspect that the Straits Times photographer has more money to buy a more expensive camera lens with Zoom Zoom function to capture that photo.
The poor cousin of Today newspapers only have limited funding so captured the full crowd.

So whose camera better?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

What is wrong with this picture????

Of the 122,600 jobs created in Singapore last year, about 70 percent, or 84,800 positions, went to foreigners, according to data from the Ministry of Manpower. [LINK]
Has there been any change since the May 2011 elections ????

Monday, 21 May 2012

Swiss Standard of Living? Set Swiss Standards of Citizenship Application instead

IN DECEMBER 1984, when Mr Goh Chok Tong and the second generation of leaders had established themselves in Cabinet, they unveiled an agenda for Singapore that encapsulated their visions for the next 15 years.

Vision 1999 saw Singapore becoming a “city of excellence” and a “society of distinction” by the turn of the century. It set one hard-numbers target, with which it became most closely associated: to achieve the 1984 Swiss standard of living, as measured by per capita output, by 1999.

Maybe they should set Swiss Standards of Citizenship Applications instead !!!

People who have been resident in Switzerland for twelve years – the years spent in this country between the completed 10th and 20th years are counted double for this purpose – may apply for naturalisation. Our office examines whether applicants are integrated in the Swiss way of life, are familiar with Swiss customs and traditions, comply with the Swiss rule of law, and do not endanger Switzerland's internal or external security. In particular, this examination is based on cantonal and communal reports. If the requirements provided by federal law are satisfied, applicants are entitled to obtain a federal naturalisation permit from the Federal Office for Migration. (minimum number of years is 12 years!)

Naturalisation proceeds in three stages. Thus the federal naturalisation permit only constitutes the Confederation's "green light" for the acquisition of Swiss nationality. However, the cantons and communities have their own, additional residence requirements which applicants have to satisfy. Swiss citizenship is only acquired by those applicants who, after obtaining the federal naturalisation permit, have also been naturalised by their communities and cantons. As a rule, there is no legally protected right to being naturalised by a community and a canton. (Which means that the locals must approve and support the candidate to be a citizen)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Non-citizen foreigners make up 45.4% of Singapore’s workforce - did a very interesting quick analysis of the work force in Singapore.
Now you know why you did not get promoted over the Foreign Talent/Trash !!!
Singapore Inc run by PAPAYA does not care about is just a corporate entity that will use you and dump you. Make sure you dump them, before they dump you!

From "There were 1,712,600 Singaporeans (“citizens”), 334,700 permanent residents (“PRs”) and 1,088,600 foreigners in the labour force as at June 2010.
If we group PRs together with foreigners — rightfully so because PRs aren’t citizens if you ask me — there are a total of 1,423,300 non-citizens among the total workforce of 3,135,900 workers.
1423300 / 3135900 = 45.39%
So, non-citizen foreigners make up 45.4% of Singapore’s workforce."