Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Residential projects due for completion next year are 2-3x more than usual.

Residential projects due for completion next year are 2-3x more than usual.

"We retain our negative view on the Singapore residential sector as we continue to see a rising threat of vacancy with an acceleration in physical completions in 2013-15," said CIMB in a report.
Vacancy rates for non-landed private units had increased from 5.9% to 6.1% qoq in 3Q12 as take-up continued to lag physical completions.
URA estimates that completions will rise from 16.1k units in 2013 to 23.1k units in 2015, which according to CIMB is 2-3x more than the historical average occupancy rate of 8k units per year.
"This will be compounded by impending completions of HDB units following aggressive building in the last three years. Around 83% of local residents still live in HDB flats. Incremental demand should also come under pressure from the Singapore government’s continuous reassessment of its liberal immigration
policies. PR conversions have tapered off, a glimpse of how tighter immigration is taking shape. Rising inventories against normalised population growth do not augur well for future take-up, in our view. While prices remain at record highs on low interest rates, policy risks remain an overhang," it said.

Even LHL admits that there is a property bubble.

“It is certainly something on Singaporeans’ minds. We have had a property boom, almost a bubble. It’s because liquidity is sloshing around worldwide and real interest rates are negative. People are looking for opportunities to invest their money and there aren’t a lot of exciting opportunities where you see growth and possible new breakthroughs right now."

Then why housing prices still increasing? Something is seriously wrong.....

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dun be conned by the BULLSHIT from Main Stream Media!

There recently has been a lot of news in the Main Stream Media that employers are complaining that they do not have enought workers due to the foreign worker ratios.

To me it is all BULL SHIT ! The powers at hand are already using the main stream media to sell the fact that they need more foreigners in order for businesses to survive...So that they can import more to make your lifes more difficult...

Let me ask you whether the flood of foreigner have declined? NO! Only the pace of increase has decreased. They are still coming in droves and businesses are just drunk with cheap foreign workers that take up space and limited resources in Singapore. See attached website and tables

Say NO to BULL SHIT from businesses who should not be in Singapore in the first place if they do not want to hire Singaporeans!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Top Ten Signs you are a "Gangnam Style" Fanatic

Top Ten Signs you are a "Gangnam Style" Fanatic

No. 1 - You walk across all pedestrain crossings with the trademark horse-riding dance

No. 2 - The only clothes in your collection are suits with untied bow ties, and of course dark sunglasses

No.3 - You had plastic surgery to look fat and round like PSY, oops sorry, you just pigged out to get to the right size.

No.4 - All your mobile ring tones, alarm bell and door bell are the Gangnam Style song.

No.5 - You are responsible for at least 1% of the 580,000 million clicks on YouTube for the music video

No.6 - You have named your recently born dragon baby "Gangnam Long"

No. 7 - You can sing the song in the four official languages in Singapore. You are working on the Japanese and Thai versions now.

No. 8 - You hail taxis by doing the trademark lasso dance.

No. 9 -  You made so many failed parodies of the song that no one wants to dance it anymore with you.

No. 10 - You go up to the MacDonald's counter to order and start by saying to the 50+ year old Aunties, "Hey Sexy Lady...oh oh oh oh..."