Saturday, 3 November 2012

Top Ten Signs you are a "Gangnam Style" Fanatic

Top Ten Signs you are a "Gangnam Style" Fanatic

No. 1 - You walk across all pedestrain crossings with the trademark horse-riding dance

No. 2 - The only clothes in your collection are suits with untied bow ties, and of course dark sunglasses

No.3 - You had plastic surgery to look fat and round like PSY, oops sorry, you just pigged out to get to the right size.

No.4 - All your mobile ring tones, alarm bell and door bell are the Gangnam Style song.

No.5 - You are responsible for at least 1% of the 580,000 million clicks on YouTube for the music video

No.6 - You have named your recently born dragon baby "Gangnam Long"

No. 7 - You can sing the song in the four official languages in Singapore. You are working on the Japanese and Thai versions now.

No. 8 - You hail taxis by doing the trademark lasso dance.

No. 9 -  You made so many failed parodies of the song that no one wants to dance it anymore with you.

No. 10 - You go up to the MacDonald's counter to order and start by saying to the 50+ year old Aunties, "Hey Sexy Lady...oh oh oh oh..."

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