Friday, 27 July 2012

The NUMBERS tell it all...

As at December 2011, we had 3.27 million Singapore Citizens (SCs), and 0.54 million Permanent Residents (PRs). Together, they made up the resident population of 3.81 million. We also had a non-resident population of 1.46 million who are working, studying or living in Singapore on a non-permanent basis. Singapore’s total population was 5.26 million.I add the two numbers together 0.54 million and 1.46 million and you get 2.0 million exactly.
So if you take this and divided by the total population you will get an astonishing 38% of people in Singapore who are not Native!
Please lah, always talk about productivity and using automation, and we still need 2 million foreigners in Singapore?!
I will continue to be against the current govt's foreign immigration policy and propogate that message to all I know.
Develop and respect your own citizens!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Singapore Flag Wayang Wayang

I am always amused every year that the grassroots people putting up the Singapore Flag think that everyone else are un-educated boozos. Everytime you see a block filled with singapore flags, it does not take a rocket scientist to know that the flags were put up by foreign labour, PRC or Bangla along the common corridor and not by the owners of the flats. Since there are over 40% of foreigners in Singapore, why dun we also put up PRC, India and Philippines flags up to wayang wayang!

True measure of patroitism is not by the blatant wayang wayang of how many flags are put up, but by exercising our vote to ensure that the party that puts Singaporeans' Interests First. I am proud of my country and of the true Singaporeans that given 2 years of their lifes for National Service, who have sacrificed their youth whilst being told that we had to take CPF cuts, and are trying to earn a honest living and bring up children whilst their jobs are being taken over by foreigners.

I salute you, the disadvantaged, long-suffering Singaporeans who have to tolerate high housing, COE prices, transport problems and overcrowding in Singapore. You are the epitome of True Spirit of the Singapore flag!