Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Lighter side of things : Anti-Govt websites setting up Columbarium for MIW political careers

In the recent dialogue session involving Seng Kang West resident Sharon Toh, it was revealed by  Lifecorp that they were not registered with any religious association or charity. They were a For-Profit organization which is public listed in Australia that was going to develop, build and operate a Buddhist Temple with Columbarium.

After this astonishing news went viral on the Internet, our BOT's reporters went to town to ask if any other commercial entities were planning to develop, build an operate other religious establishments.

First to respond to our enquiries were DeBloodSucking Bank, their spokesperson, Ms Lui Pa Pa commented, "We are equally shocked and surprised that For-Profit organizations could set up religious establishments to make money. We are disappointed that despite being closely linked to the MIW, we were not informed of such a lucrative and profitable business. With our wealth of knowledge in sucking blood, I mean money from Singaporeans, we will definitely be successful in such endeavors. We are immediately convening a taskforce to study and identify areas of opportunities to move into the religious arena."

Mr Tau Lor Ri, owner of a large transport company was also excited about the prospects, "I think we have the right infrastructure and vehicles to support such services. It really brings new meaning to the phrase Up-The-Lorry."

Less enthusiastic were the incumbent religious organizations, Mr Not-to-Be-Name lamented, "After the NKF Durai, Ren Ci Ming Yi, and CHC cases, the religious and charity industry has already a bad name and Singaporeans are skeptical and hesitant on donating or participating. Now we even have competition from For-Profit organizations. The real people in need will be the ones who will suffer."

The latest news is that Anti-Govt websites are also gathering to talk about a potential plan to set up a Columbarium near Parliament House, spokesperson Mr Jin Wu Ta, "With the continued tripping up by MIW MPs, I think we have space for 81 places in our Columbarium for their political careers."