Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dun be conned by the BULLSHIT from Main Stream Media!

There recently has been a lot of news in the Main Stream Media that employers are complaining that they do not have enought workers due to the foreign worker ratios.

To me it is all BULL SHIT ! The powers at hand are already using the main stream media to sell the fact that they need more foreigners in order for businesses to survive...So that they can import more to make your lifes more difficult...

Let me ask you whether the flood of foreigner have declined? NO! Only the pace of increase has decreased. They are still coming in droves and businesses are just drunk with cheap foreign workers that take up space and limited resources in Singapore. See attached website and tables

Say NO to BULL SHIT from businesses who should not be in Singapore in the first place if they do not want to hire Singaporeans!

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