Friday, 11 May 2012

Non-citizen foreigners make up 45.4% of Singapore’s workforce - did a very interesting quick analysis of the work force in Singapore.
Now you know why you did not get promoted over the Foreign Talent/Trash !!!
Singapore Inc run by PAPAYA does not care about is just a corporate entity that will use you and dump you. Make sure you dump them, before they dump you!

From "There were 1,712,600 Singaporeans (“citizens”), 334,700 permanent residents (“PRs”) and 1,088,600 foreigners in the labour force as at June 2010.
If we group PRs together with foreigners — rightfully so because PRs aren’t citizens if you ask me — there are a total of 1,423,300 non-citizens among the total workforce of 3,135,900 workers.
1423300 / 3135900 = 45.39%
So, non-citizen foreigners make up 45.4% of Singapore’s workforce."

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