Monday, 24 October 2011

LTK : Better, faster and perhaps cheaper ministers ! Michael Porter's Competitive Advantage !

As the last speaker to speak from the opposition bench, Low -- the MP for Aljunied GRC -- took aim at Minister Lim Swee Say’s oft-repeated slogan of “cheaper, better, faster” and said that  “perhaps we will start to see better, faster ministers at work and perhaps cheaper (ones) after the ministerial salary review is completed”.

He also urged the government to ask itself why Singaporeans commonly perceived the government to be "more concerned with paying its ministers well than about the welfare of the people."    

In reply, Lim – who is the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office as well as chief of the NTUC labour movement —said that his “cheaper, better, faster” slogan was referring to products and services and that comparisons were unfair.

“There’s a fundamental difference,” he said in his speech. “What the NTUC and the tripartite partners and pursuing are cheaper, better, faster products and services, and a cheaper, better, faster economy, not a cheaper, better, faster workforce.”

[Commentary : LSS has a lame explanation on his cheaper, better, faster comparison. The NTUC has kept on talking about re-training and re-development workers to improve and aspire to meet the slogan, so shouldn't the Ministers also aspire to improve and make less mistakes (Mas Selamat, Transportation woes, crazy COE and HDB prices, floods in Orchard/Tanglin/Serangoon).

I think Singaporean did a great job voting in the WP's members to counter and challenge the pre-vailing group think, the WP understand Singaporeans' worries and anxieties. More WP and removal of lousy, slow and expensive Ministers in 2016!]

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