Monday, 28 November 2011

New High : Foreigners bought 18.6 per cent of all private homes sold in Q3

25 Nov 2011 - Buyers from mainland China continued to snap up private homes in Singapore's east in the third quarter, pushing up their share of deals, according to a new report from DTZ. The property firm, which analysed caveats lodged for both new and secondary sales, also found that foreigners bought 18.6 per cent of all private homes that were sold in Q3 - a new high. Foreigners (excluding Singapore PRs) accounted for 16 per cent of all private home sales in Q1 and Q2. Buyers from mainland China were the biggest group of non-Singaporean (that is, foreigner and Singapore PR) purchasers. They accounted for 30.6 per cent of all private home transactions in Q3, up from 26 per cent in Q1 and Q2. (BT)

[Commentary : WTF! This place is really becoming Chinapore. We need a 50% property tax for all foreign buyers transactions and the $$$ transferred as a rebate to Singaporeans buyers. We are slowly being bought out with foreign money...what's the use of serving NS to defend the houses owned by foreigners !!!!]

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