Monday, 19 December 2011

Plastic Cable Ties - huge demand flies off the shelves !

The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit system broke down three times in the past week. Preliminary findings were twenty-one claws that were dislodged. These claws were essential to hold up the third rail supplying electricity to the trains. The press conference by the LTA and Minister of transport showed the remedy of using plastic cable ties to secure the claws.

To this effect, it has been reported by several citizen journalists that the demand for Plastic Cable Ties have experienced an exponential increase.

The suppliers of such cable ties, SKP and mustafa's, commented on the situation. Manager Mr Wu Lui Tan says," You all saw the news right! SMRT and LTA using plastic cable ties for the tracks! You know how long the train lines are ? Got N-S line, NE line, E-W line, Circle line and all the new MRT lines are going to use them! We sure make money one! I'm the process of discussing with my suppliers in rural china to import at least 100 more boxes!"

The national airline carrier's chief of engineering has also weighted in on the situation, Mr See Buay Khiang quips, "Since our esteemed engineering colleagues in SMRT and LTA have thought of such an innovative solution, I have put together a task force to assess if the cable ties can used for our aircraft. Some brainstorming ideas include using plastic cable ties for securing our aircraft, securing parts of the wings and the main cockpit instrumentations. The light weight and low cost plastic cable ties will save our company millions of dollars which we can distribute as dividends back to shareholders." When asked if this may jeopardize passenger safety, Mr See retorted,"Cannot be lah! Our esteemed colleagues must have already done all the tensile tests and chemical analyses of these plastic cable ties! Sure okay one!"

Hawkers are also getting onto the bandwagon, PRC-born Mrs Bao Ho Jiak explains,"Last time, my customers complain that my fish soup ta bao already always leaked. So I replaced the rubber bands with cable ties now! If they still complain, I tell them that if the China-made cable ties can hold up the SMRT trains, they can definitely tie their fish soup! The customers all tiam tiam."

Not to be out-done, International Fashion designer Mr Gavid Icreativeunot has created his latest jewelry collection with plastic cable ties, "Wee wee, itz beautiful. I not only have white plastic cable ties, I haz meda black, blue, purple, yellowz, greenz jewelry out of them. In facz, I just gave the SMRT CEO a complimentary necklace made out of cable ties. Shez likz it wery much, her only complain is that she dun know whyz the necklace seems to be getting tighter and tighter round her neckz everyday....?"

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