Monday, 27 February 2012

Credit Cards Annual Fee - Waiver via Telephone

[Commentary : Credit Card companies are getting a little smarter with regard to Credit Card annual fees. Now with DBS and ANZ, basically all you need to do is to get the waiver done over the phone instead of waiting for 15 mins on the phone to speak to someone. On the other hand, I have never used a HSBC credit card nor apply for one after they refused to waive the annual fee. I cut the credit card and sent it back to them. Annual Fees are arcane and banks should just do away with them all together, they make enough money from the 2% commission charges that they charge the merchant and the rental fees for the credit card machine. Guess who picks up the bill already for these charges? YOU DO!

So remember to check your credit card statement and make sure they don't double dip their greedy fingers twice into the honey pot.]

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