Tuesday, 10 April 2012

There are at least 18,000 unsold private condos in Singapore! Are we breeding "ghosts"?

I was totally shocked when I read through this report from Kim Eng on the state of the unsold private condos in Singapore. They have analyzed the data from HDB and URA websites and have put it in an easy to read categorized listing of the property developers land bank. Given some of the projects are due for launch and that property players play the game of releasing units in phases, but still 18,000 empty condos!???!

The government needs to put a firm stand on the release of these units and set a time line, e.g. 1 years after TOP, the units must be sold or put up for auction...it is ridiculous that so many empty units are housing "ghosts" when marriagable couples who can procreate SINGAPOREANS struggle to find a nest.

This country is importing foreigners and breeding "ghosts"!

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