Wednesday, 19 June 2013

20 year old HAZE problem Not Solved - Lousy Excuses from Singapore Gahmen

The 20 year old HAZE problem has Not been Solved and instead of managing and explaining the situation, the Singapore Gahmen is trying to defend themselves in an arrogant and condescending manner. I did not want to weigh in on the issue, but I just could not stand their excuses!!!!!

Firstly, Minister V has taken the side of the Indonesian officials in saying that Malaysian and Singapore companies are the ones who are the culprits and justice will be brought against them.
Okay, we are waiting, if it is Temasek / GIC owned companies what are you going to do?

Secondly, Minister S is saying that Netizens should not blame the gahmen for the haze problem. Hello?! Dun blame you then blame who? Gahmen always claim that we have ASEAN and good friends with our larger neighbours, but when got problem just say that each country is sovereign . Please grow a pair ! No Testicular Fortitude at all !

Hey we got such a large defence budget, instead of buying so many expensive F-35 planes, go and buy several fire fighting aircraft to put out the fires lah.
Implement all the green initiatives, such as cleaner petrol, electric cars, control car pollution, high price of smoking...all in vain when Indonesia burn their forests!


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