Sunday, 8 December 2013

New Useful App: GrabTaxi

The mobile app is currently the only taxi booking app in Singapore that connects the commuter directly to the taxi driver's personal smartphone. Commuters can also include their destination when booking a taxi, which increases the possibilities of securing a successful booking, since taxi drivers would be more likely to accept booking offers if the destination is along their desired route. This is especially important during shift change periods when booking taxis is difficult unless the destination is nearby or on the way for the taxi driver.

After GrabTaxi is launched, it'll automatically detect the commuter's current location using the smartphone's in-built GPS and show the number of available taxis near you. The commuter selects the desired destination and the booking request is sent to taxi drivers near you. The drivers will then bid for the job and the taxi driver nearest to the commuter will be assigned the booking. The commuter will receive a booking confirmation within one minute, together with information such as estimated time of arrival, taxi number, and the driver’s contact details. The commuter can also track the real-time location of the booked taxi.

The GrabTaxi app is available for download for iOS devices, Android devices and Windows phones.

Personally I have tried to use this GrabTaxi app and though it managed to identify a couple of Taxis near my location, but I have not successfully got them yet. I think a few more taxi drivers need to get involved and also more advertisement and marketing is needed (hence this blog post). I am supportive of it as it is disruptive and takes the power away for the Taxi Cartels and put it in the hands of customers and taxi drivers (Why PAY booking fee if you can avoid it!?) When I was in KL Malaysia recently, I noticed a lot more taxi drivers are already on the network so it was easier to catch on.

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