Friday 1 August 2014

Both Singapore & Malaysian Govts screw their citizens - Causeway Toll Hike

Both ruling parties of the Singapore and Malaysia Governments made their citizen's lives even more miserable with the latest Causeway Toll Hikes. Tolls for a round trip into and out of JB is now 556% higher!

Lessons to be learnt

(1) Trust No Govt - Especially BN and PAP. They will only have their self interest at heart and not yours.

(2) Remember all the times that they screwed you over and exercise your vote wisely.

(3) Never fall into their trap of over selling to you. Case in point Iskandar residential homes.
Are you going to travel to work in Singapore from JB every day? Assuming a 20 days working month, that amounts to S$ 256 added to your travel cost and time. Good luck to those who bought into the nightmare.

(4) These toll hikes are poorly thought out and will just hurt businesses and trade. Your food, raw material imports are going to be more expensive as traders claim that they need to recover their costs.

(5) What can you do? Don't keep quiet, make sure you express your displeasure (legally). Silence only makes them more bold.

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