Monday, 9 March 2015

Petrol Prices - The Real Hypocritics

I read with amusement the last proceedings in Parliament on taking action against petrol companies.

The real pirates is the government that increased petrol taxes when oil prices around the world has collapsed! Even before the latest increase, each petrol of litre was already taxed at 80 cents of $2 for RONC 95. Now that prices per litre have increased by around 20 cents, that means that for each litre of petrol that you pump, you are paying half the amount to the government. The road tax rebate for one year is pittance compared to what they will reap over the years.

Now the government as usual is trying to distract the daft locals that the evil-doers are the oil companies. No doubt, the oil companies are no saints themselves, but the real profiteers and opportunists are this government. If they truly believe in public transport, than all the Ministers should give up their official cars and travel by public transport for their appointments and meetings!

Wake up Singapore !

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